Information Update for 2018 Season
Homeschool Volleyball Players:VOLLEYBALL SEASON is almost here! The season extends from July 30th – October 13th
  • Gulf Coast HEAT Tryouts and team placement will be held on JULY 30th at Faith Lutheran Church. See below for times.
  • Please register for tryouts via the following link: Registration.
  • Pre-registration will help us in planning for the number of girls in each group.
  • Attendance at tryouts is mandatory, unless you have made other arrangements with Director of Volleyball, Michelle Davis, 352-222-9102.
  • Whether at tryouts or not, an acceptance of your place on a team must be received no later than Tuesday, July 31st, at 5 pm. This is important in allowing us to place all girls on the team best suited for their skill level, while also balancing the teams from an organizational standpoint.
  • ALL players must complete necessary Gulf Coast HEAT and FHSAA paperwork. ALL PAPERWORK IS DUE ON OR BEFORE JULY 30th. These forms are available on the website, www.gulfcoastheat.org, under forms. Please refer to the “Player Eligibility Checklist” for the necessary forms for your player. Please note, some of these form require 3rd party signatures, i.e. physician, homeschool office, notary, etc. Please review the forms in advance so that you have time to see the necessary persons to complete forms. Assistance with paperwork completion, as well as notary services will be available at tryouts.
  • Practice and game schedules are available on the website. Please review these to make sure you are able to make a commitment to the season.
  • Associated Fees:
  • ALL Athletes: Heat Registration Fee - 1st child: $100 ($75 if paid before 8/22), 2nd child: $50, 3rd child: $25. Registration Fees are due NO LATER THAN 8/31.
  • Volleyball Athlete Fees:
  • Middle School: $250
  • JV & Varsity: $375
    A minimum of one-half of athlete fees are due at 1st practice, balance is due no later than August 15th. If you need financial assistance or a different payment arrangement, please contact our Athletic Director, Holli Miller.
  • Prior to tryouts, all athletes and coaches must complete the following online courses. THIS IS A MANDATORY FHSAA Requirement:

    Please click on each Subject to be connected to the course website. If this is your first time completing these courses, you will need to register and create a login id and password. There is no charge for these courses, but you do go through a process of ordering and checking out, prior to gaining access to the courses. All are relatively short, but do have to be completed by EVERY coach and EVERY athlete EVERY year.
Policy Subject Required Coursework
40 Concussion in Sport Coaches & Student-Athletes
41 Heat Illness Prevention Coaches & Student-Athletes
42 Sudden Cardiac Arrest Coaches & Student-Athletes

Pre-Season Conditioningsessions at EVO Athletics, 7188 East 15th Street, Unit 2, Sarasota, Advanced Registration Required




Regular Practices Begin July 31st.
Regular Practice Schedule:

  • Middle School – July 31st – August 24th:
  • Monday, Tuesday & Friday 6-8 at Faith Presbyterian Church Gym, 1201 North Beneva Road, Sarasota, FL
  • Middle School – August 24th – October 4th:
  • Mondays 6-8 at Faith Presbyterian Church Gym
  • Matches on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Fridays w/JV (optional)
  • High School: JV- Monday, Tuesday, and Friday - 6-8 at Faith Presbyterian Gym
  • Thursdays - 6-8 at Venice Christian School
  • Varsity- Monday – 7-9 at Faith Lutheran Church Gym
  • Tuesdays – 5:30 – 7:30 at Faith Lutheran Gym
  • Thursdays – 6-8 at Venice Christian School Gym
  • Fridays: 5:30-7:30 at Faith Lutheran Church Gym or 6-8 at Faith Presbyterian Church gym

**exceptions may occur when gym not available.
Times and locations on game days will vary.

See our Forms page for to view or download any of our available forms.